Make Time for What Matters

Organizing isn’t just about your stuff, it’s about your time.  Time is a valuable commodity – use it wisely to enjoy life instead of feeling stressed and frazzled.

Office Space That Works

We all want to feel more efficient.  Don’t waste time and energy looking for your stuff – create a functional filing system and space that works for you.

Easy In, Easy Out

How would it feel to have an organized mud room/transitional space in your home? Make your life easier, not harder, by setting up your space so that it works for everyone.


Less Stress, More Style

Your wardrobe should make you look and feel good.  A little planning and organization can help create a closet and wardrobe that makes getting dressed a pleasure, not a pain.

Your Organized Life, A Professional Organizing Company

More Space. More Time. More Joy!

Organize Your Life with Lisa Dooley @ Patrick Kelleher & Associates
Jan 24 @ –
Organize Your Life with Lisa Dooley @ Patrick Kelleher & Associates

Are your monthly bank statements mixed in with your social security cards? In an emergency or a crisis, can you find your most critical documents? If you needed to evacuate your home in an emergency, what paperwork would you grab? These are some questions that Professional Organizer, Lisa Dooley, of Your Organized Life will help you figure out!
Please join us on January 24, 2018 from 12-1PM at the Learning Center in Hanover to hear Lisa discuss important topics including: o What are your “Forever Documents”? o Are your important documents secure? o What are my “Working Files”? o How do I create “working documents”? o How do I manage someone else’s documents as POA or trustee?

Bringing balance and organization to your busy life…

Distractions, Distractions…How’s your adult ADD working?

Minimizing Distractions What is your biggest distraction?  Is it the phone, email, social media, constant interruptions from others?  Managing and minimizing distractions are key elements of time management and staying organized.  Whether you are trying to focus on a...

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Medicine Cabinet Mayhem       

How did it get this way? Quick, name the one space in your home that is REALLY disorganized and in need of some serious decluttering.  Many clients say basement, playroom or closets and yes, these are often trouble spots in the home.  But one of the most important...

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Where the heck is that thing??

Now, where did I put that? The average American spends 40 minutes a day trying to find something that is misplaced.  That’s almost 5 hours a week that could be better spent on other priorities.  The top offenders in the “where is it?" category are wallet, car keys,...

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Why Organize?

Our philosophy is simple: life is short; too short to waste time looking for your missing car keys or insurance policy.  Spend your time wisely. Organizing isn’t about pretty boxes and bins and elaborate systems; it’s about finding your stuff when you need it – then go, live and enjoy your life.  You deserve a life and a space that is full of joy and possibility, not clutter and disorganization.

About Us

Organization isn’t the end goal – happy is the end goal – but being organized goes a long way in making your life easier so that you can focus on the really important things.


Paperwork management, calendar management, space and work flow, time management,  photo & memorabilia preservation, rightsizing and moving, staging your home for sale, and closet and wardrobe management as well as customized organizational strategies for your family or business.

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