Creating your launching/landing pad…

How would it feel to have an organized mud room/transitional space in your home? Make your life easier, not harder on a daily basis.

What is Transitional Space?

Entering and exiting the home easily and with less stress is a great goal.  To make the transitional process easier, set up a  transitional space – your “launching/landing pad”.  This transitional space should be at the entrance you use every day.   The idea of a “launching/landing pad” is that it effectively stores and organizes the items you need when leaving your home each day.   Along with “launching” you into your day, this space also serves as a “landing” for your most common items. Coats, shoes, purses, work bags – these are our “everyday” items.  You want these items to remain in the transitional space so that they are not carried farther into the home and get misplaced as well as lead to clutter in the home or office.

Where should the transitional space be?

A formal mudroom or entryway is ideal but you can create this space in any home or office.  if you enter the home that way most often, the entry area leading in from a garage  or a breezeway space can be made into good transitional space.  All homes have multiple entry ways but brainstorm the entrance/exit that you and your family use most often – that is the right spot for your “launching/landing pad”.  What things do you need to leave the house and how can you organize these things most effectively so you can just “grab and go”.  Pick a space that has room for multiple storage options but again, the goal is to keep it simple.  The goal of organizing is to find your things when you need them so that you can get on with your day so don’t overcomplicate the situation.

A good transitional space, your customized “launching/landing pad”, will make your departure and return less stressful.  The goal is always KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid – so don’t overthink it or create an elaborate system. Pick the right spot and make your life easier!