How much does it COST to get organized?

Well, it depends….

“How much will it cost me to hire an organizer for my organizing project?” Well, it depends.  One of the most important factors is your location.  If you live near a large urban area, there will likely be an organizer nearby.  NAPO, the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals, is an international organization that can help you find an organizer in your area.   If you live in a more rural area necessitating travel, that will drive the cost up.  Another critical factor is the level of experience and expertise of the organizer.  Obviously, organizers with fewer years’ experience generally charge a lower rate.  So, if your project is simpler, that’s a good option.  If you have a more complex project, plan to hire an organizer who has more experience and expertise.   I live outside of Boston and have been an organizer for over 10 years.  My hourly rate is commensurate with my experience and knowledge.  Because of this, my rates are in the $90-$150 range depending on the location and scope of the project.

What other expenses can I expect?

In addition to the organizer’s rate, you need to factor in other expenses.  While all organizers have a basic supply of organizing products, you are responsible for purchasing anything used in bulk.  Filing products, moving supplies (tape, boxes, wrapping paper), organizing containers, and storage solutions are all your expenses.  The organizer will help you create your most effective organizing systems. And that includes choosing storage that will work best for you.  So, be sure to utilize your professional’s knowledge to make those choices most impactful.  Also, if you need junk removal or large items, like furniture, to be moved or donated, you will pay the removal costs and that will vary, again, based on location and volume.

Working with a professional organizer is one of the best choices you can make to create space that is functional, comfortable, and helps you create the life you want to live.  Yes, there is a cost but truly, being organized is priceless.  Need help getting started?  Contact me at