One of these things is not like the other…

Why transitional spaces get so cluttered and disorganized.

Cluttered and disorganized mudrooms or any transitional space is very common.  We pass through this when we exit and enter the home (or office) and it’s common to just “dump” everything.   The good news is that clearing out that space and “cleaning up the mess” is easier here than in most other spaces.   Space like basements, garages, and attics are large, open spaces that have less structure.  With your transitional space, it is a smaller, more defined space with fewer storage spots.   Also, because this space has more clearly defined items that should remain – those things you NEED to get you out of your home or office each day – the number of things that should remain in that space is limited.

How do I keep my transitional space organized?

Like with any space that is cluttered and disorganized, you have to get rid of what does not belong by purging what needs to go.  Overflowing basket with hats and gloves?  Dump it out on the floor and sort through it.  Get rid of the unmatched or damaged items and put the rest back in.  Is the space overcrowded with coats and jackets?  Remove what you don’t use every day and hang them in a closet or alternate space.  Shoes everywhere?  Remove all but the everyday shoes and boots and put the remainder in the bedrooms where they belong.   Random items tend to migrate to transitional space because we pass through it so often.  Take the time to remove the things that do not belong by purging and relocating so the transitional space doesn’t get cluttered and disorganized.  Find items to donate?  Check out the list of resources for donating your unused and unneeded items.

One helpful tip for keeping your transitional space from getting cluttered and disorganized is to do a quick “maintenance” routine once a week. Keep only the “must-haves” in their proper storage and your transitional space will work better for everyone.