It’s not just for shoes anymore….

What’s the best solution for my storage space?

In every home or office, there are unique organizing challenges. Finding the right storage solution to maximize the storage space needs to be unique and intuitive to you.  There are any number of storage solutions including boxes, bins, baskets, covered containers and many furniture storage pieces.  One of the most versatile is the over the door shoe pocket organizer.  This storage solution can be used in the home and office and keeps horizontal surfaces clear and clutter free.

How do I maximize my space with this storage solution?

In the kitchen or utility room, the shoe pocket organizer is a great option for anything that takes up counter or shelf space. For a transitional space, pockets hold gloves and mittens, small umbrellas, dog leashes and bags – all those items we need every day. Hair products and tools as well as brushes and combs fit perfectly into this storage solution in a bathroom. In a child’s room or playroom, put small toys, dolls and craft supplies in the lower pockets.  Reserve the higher pockets for items that need adult supervision.  In the bedroom, these utilitarian items hold scarves, belts, tights, socks and of course, shoes.  In the office, this storage solution holds stationery supplies, cleaning products and personal items much more effectively than in a jumble in a drawer or closet.

For added use and durability, screw this multipurpose storage solution into the door or on command hooks to maximize your storage space.  And don’t limit this item to doors only.  Place the shoe pockets on the wall and you maximize your storage space.