What is a launching/landing pad?

Brett in mudroom

Pick the space for transition Ever heard the term launching/landing pad?  In organizer speak, this refers to the space where you “launch” out of into your day and “land” back in when you re-enter.   It’s the transitional space between being outside and inside.  The goal of this launching/landing pad is to get you in and…

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What’s your stop, drop and roll?

stop drop roll graphic

Making your transitional space work Most of us are familiar with the safety phrase “stop, drop and roll” as it relates to fire safety.  When creating transitional space, our launching/landing pad, and organizing processes, think about your “stop, drop and roll”. The idea behind this safety phrase is that we don’t continue a moment longer…

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Hooks or Hangers?


To hang or not to hang? The organizing challenges in each home and office are unique based on the layout, organizational needs and items in the space.  You need to set up the transitional space, your launching/landing pad, to meet your unique needs.  So what’s the best solution in that space – hooks or hangers? …

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Open vs closed storage

organized mudroom

What’s the right storage? The launching/landing pad, your transitional space, is a critical part of your space organization.  It’s the space that sets you up to get in and out of your home or office multiple times a day with less stress.  Once you’ve selected the spot for your launching/landing pad and determined how you…

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Clear out the junk!

messy mudroom

“One of these things is not like the other…” Do you remember that song from Sesame Street?  Keep that song in your head when you organize and especially when you think about your transitional space.  Because transitional space, the launching/landing pad, is generally right inside the home (or office), it becomes a dumping ground for…

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Baskets, bins and bags – oh my!

organized room

Why we need storage in transitional space. Transitional space exists in every home and office and the right storage is critical.  With either a traditional mudroom or entry hall/room or that transitional space you’ve created, you’ve found the right space.  So once you’ve decided on your transitional space – or “launching and landing pad” as…

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Creating your launching/landing pad…

What is Transitional Space? Entering and exiting the home easily and with less stress is a great goal.  To make the transitional process easier, set up a  transitional space – your “launching/landing pad”.  This transitional space should be at the entrance you use every day.   The idea of a “launching/landing pad” is that it effectively…

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Your launching/landing pad is your friend….

organized mud room

Why do I need storage in transitional space? Entering and exiting the home easily and with less stress is a goal for everyone.  It’s important set up an effective transitional space – the “launching/landing pad” – with the right storage.  Must haves for this space include a coat rack with multiple hooks for hanging items…

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