How much time did you spend hunting for your keys?

What important items do you always need?

One of the most important items we are always looking for and should be stored in the transitional space?  The KEYS.  Oh, the crisis of the lost keys…is there a person who hasn’t run around looking for the car keys to get out of the house, all the time shouting about someone else having moved the keys?  If there is an organizing crisis that most people can relate to, it’s definitely this one!  Getting out of the home or office with less stress is always the goal. Storing important items in the transitional space will make this a lot easier.

What is the best way to organize these important items?

If grabbing the keys and going is your goal, there are two simple solutions to never running into this organizing crisis again.  My favorite solution is a simple key rack in your transitional space.  Hanging up the keys means that they are clearly visible and easy to access – again, grab and go. A second option which some clients prefer is a bowl for the keys.  When you enter the house, drop the keys in the bowl in the transitional space and grab them on the way out.  Having a bowl or small basket for the keys is a great option for an office as well.  Either solution is great – provided you use it!  Do not carry the keys farther into the house and deposit them on the kitchen table, counter top or other space.  This is a surefire way to be searching for those keys the next time you have to get out the door.

Out of sight means out of mind.  If we store important items like keys in the transitional space, they will never be lost again.