Make Time for What Matters

Organizing isn't just about your stuff, it's about your time.  Time is a valuable commodity - use it wisely to enjoy life instead of feeling stressed and frazzled.

Office Space That Works

We all want to feel more efficient.  Don't waste time and energy looking for your stuff - create a functional filing system and space that works for you.

Easy In, Easy Out

How would it feel to have an organized mud room/transitional space in your home? Make your life easier, not harder, by setting up your space so that it works for everyone.

Less Stress, More Style

Your wardrobe should make you look and feel good.  A little planning and organization can help create a closet and wardrobe that makes getting dressed a pleasure, not a pain.

empty office

Planning for THE AFTER in your business…

Did your systems work? Now is the time to plan for what comes next and determine just how prepared (or unprepared) you were for disruption like COVID-19. For many businesses, technology was the biggest hurdle, at least in the beginning.  Could your technology support a Work From Home platform?  Did you have the right IT…
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decluttering and donating

Donating is great. Here’s how to do it thoughtfully and intentionally.

What do I have to donate? If we’re lucky, we’ve all been stuck in our homes for the past few weeks and months. And yes, I said, “lucky”. Because there are millions who are living with housing insecurity and homelessness during this global pandemic.  If you’re at home, you’ve likely done some organizing – Google searches for decluttering…
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colorful pile of files

Organizing during the quarantine…

The closets are done.  Now what? Congratulations.   Organizing closets, the junk drawer and even possibly starting on the “nether regions” like the basement, attic and garage, are all great projects.  Getting organized is a great way to feel in control and productive.   But organizing isn’t about boxes or bins; it’s not complicated filing systems or…
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