Organizing your new home

Moving into new space is a big transition.  How do I set up the space for optimal organization?  How do I live a more organized life in my new home?  What are the systems I should set up?  As exciting as moving into a new home can be, the planning and organizing of that space make a big impact on how peaceful and enjoyable the space is.

How do I get started with organizing all this new space?  Check out these blog posts on using hidden storage and how to choose the right storage.


New Space, New Options After a recent move, I needed help in organizing my new home.  Normally I would do it myself,  but moving is so hectic,  I just wanted to start enjoying the new space and to be functioning on all cylinders.  I also had some challenging spaces and was feeling kind of stuck.  Since a friend had told me about Lisa Dooley a year prior,  I decided I just needed to make that call.  After just a few hours of working with her,  Lisa totally took my stress away.  She has so much experience and insight to different personalities, it was also a great learning experience.  We got everything accomplished in a much shorter time that I’d ever imagined.  Lisa even drove away to deliver things I wanted to donate and put things online for sale ..which have sold!  So now I call Lisa every few months.  Yet I never feel any pressure to.  I just find her to be professional, non-judgmental and just great at keeping me following through.  If I have to feed a child, or run to soccer practice,  I don’t have to feel embarrassed, Lisa will just ask a few questions and keep making progress. She uses our time time to my maximum benefit.  I have made decisions that I know would have put off for years.  So glad I made that call.  I highly recommend Lisa!