Home Office Organization

If you're questioning how to organize your life in a day, don’t start in the home office.  Actually,  one day is not nearly enough time to organize a busy life but it’s a great goal.   Home office organization is a really important topic and it starts with an effective working filing system/office paper organizer.   See more in this blog post as well as information on how to organize important documents at home.  Aside from the filing system, there are a few good places to start with your home office organization ideas.  Start by clearing out anything you don’t need (purge) and then decide if the item should stay in the home office.    You can find lots of office desk organization ideas online or on Pinterest to see what might work for you.    If your space is limited, check out options for small office organization ideas.

If your space has a closet, don’t forget to plan for an office closet organizer – something simple for paper and supplies.    If there’s no closet space, think about home office wall organization options to maximize the vertical space.  If you want to lead an organized life, you need to be able to find your documents when you need them.  So get started…

Organize to grow (personally and professionally) I worked with Your Organized Life in getting my home office into an organized and productive space that allowed me to better grow my business.  Lisa was really flexible with scheduling sessions and purchased many of the products we needed to keep the process moving along.  Even when the process got bogged down and frustrating, she helped me push through and stay focused on the end goal – better organization and a less stressful environment.  We re-used a number of items I already owned and chose systems and solutions that fit my needs and budget.   Working with Lisa was a very consultative process and I always felt she understood my goals and helped me to get there.

Making Spaces Work Lisa and I worked together on a number of spaces that had been a challenge and that were keeping me from fully enjoying my home.  She was able to bring a fresh perspective to the projects and really helped me lighten my load – both physically and mentally.  Lisa always left with donations – things that were holding me back – and I felt “lighter” after our sessions.  We did a lot of work in my home office space to make the room serve multiple uses but it finally felt intentional and purposeful.  The organizing process got tedious at times but together, we created systems that work taking a lot of the daily stressors out of the home.

before and after home filing