Downsizing & Rightsizing

Life is all about timing.  Sometimes we’re in a season of little ones and raising a family.  We need lots of space and room for all those little bodies and all their STUFF.   And sooner than we can believe, the house is quiet and empty; welcome to the days of “empty-nesting”.  Are you ready to downsize and let go of all that extra space (and extra worry and work)?  Now is the time to start thinking about downsizing, or"right-sizing" as organizers like to say.  If you are looking to make the move to your next home, it’s time to downsize.   Decluttering and purging are a great first step.  We can teach you life hacks to better organize your life and start downsizing.

There are steps to take that will make your downsizing experience easier to move through.  We specialize in this area of organization and can help you get to your right next home.

Starting to "Right-Size" "I met Lisa at a community event focusing on helping elders and their loved ones get prepared for upcoming transitions.  As my goal is to start the "right sizing" process for my home, I knew working with Lisa would kickstart the process for me.  Lisa recommended starting in the most impactful areas - pantry, kitchen and entry hall - and we then moved through most of the areas of the house.    By working with Lisa, I kept motivated on the project and her insights on what to keep, where items should be stored and proper containers made the process a lot easier.  Each time Lisa left, she took bags and boxes of donations that I was glad to part with that allowed me to enjoy my space much more.  Together we moved furniture, emptied out the basement and hit most spaces in the house.  Lisa was also very knowledgeable and helpful in bringing in needed resources and other professionals to complete tasks as needed.  We continue to work on a critical memorabilia project which has been lingering for years and while it is very time consuming and tedious at times, it also feels great to finally get this project underway.  Lisa helps keep us on track with the project and created a framework to get the project completed." 

Downsizing the empty nest. Lisa was recommended by a friend to help me start on the first wave of “right-sizing” my now empty nest.  Moving through the house from basement to attic, we focused on my biggest pain points of de-cluttering and letting go of a lot of the unneeded and unused items that had accumulated over 20 years.  Specifically, I had a LOT of books!  We went through the hundreds of them, keeping the ones that were significant and special, and donating the rest.  Going through all the spaces, I found a lot of items I was ready to let go of and we collected and contained special, memorabilia items to be kept.  Working with Lisa helped me get going on a really important project that I had struggled to start – having the guidance, support, and accountability made it work for me.