Project Management

Are you struggling to get started on how to organize your life?  You’re not alone.  Getting organized is consistently one of the Top 3 Resolutions each new year.   First, look for professional organizing services or home organization services near you.  You can search (The National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals) to find a professional in your area.  And choose a professional – if you want to learn how to live a more organized life, work with someone who has experience in this.   If you're in the Boston area, contact me at and we can talk about how to get you moving forward.

From closet organization ideas, to garage organization, kitchen storage and organization, a professional has experience.  We know systems, solutions, processes, and organization life hacks to get you moving forward.

Setting goals and getting it done Getting better organized has been a goal for a while but I was having trouble getting started.  I won a free assessment gift certificate Your Organized Life had donated to a local charity and took this as the first step to get organized!  Lisa was really helpful in defining each organizational space within my home and sharing tips on how making little changes can have a really significant impact.  Working side by side, Lisa helped me tackle my organizing projects one by one, providing constant feedback and support and keeping me on track.  Understanding goals and working to reach them is definitely one of Lisa’s strengths – she does not get bogged down when a project moves slowly – she continues to focus on the end result which is to provide a solution that works for me.  Another great aspect of working with Lisa is that she takes items for donation with her after each session so that I do not have to waste time and energy on finding the right “home” for these items – it makes working with her an added bonus.  I am not so overwhelmed by the projects I have because I know Lisa will help me through them quickly and easily.  Also, Lisa is extremely knowledgeable about items/papers to keep and not to keep.   Lisa has given me the confidence and motivation to tackle other projects on my own.  She is easy to work with and very accommodating!

project management
managing your projects