Finding Efficencies and Systems As a full-time professional with three young children, finding efficencies and organizational systems that work for our busy lives is key to day-to-day survival. After moving from a city condo to a new historic home with challenging closets and spaces, I reached out to Lisa for support and she was able to bring a fresh perspective. Working with Lisa was really seamless – from taking all of the items we purged after our sessions to donate/throw away, to proposing storage solution options (she brought them along to my home to test out!), to installing shelving/hooks, she quickly assesses pain points and figures out solutions in a time and cost effective way. Working with Lisa is time and money well spent!

Business Planning and Processes “As a busy professional running a home and business, I was challenged with business planning and processes. Working with Lisa, we created systems to implement more effective processes for the business as well as solid planning for a recent renovation project. I felt comfortable that Lisa understood my goals on both a personal and professional level and her insight was helpful in balancing the needs of both. As an experienced professional, Lisa has extensive knowledge of other professionals and needed resources which is very helpful. As an solopreneur, we lack a counterpart with whom we can manage and improve processes and planning and having Lisa as a resource is great. In addition, Lisa worked with my child to organize his room after a recent move. Having a professional in this role removed the parent/child power struggle and got the task completed with shouting or tears (his or mine!).” D.C.

Starting to “Right-Size” “I met Lisa at a community event focusing on helping elders and their loved ones get prepared for upcoming transitions.  As my goal is to start the “right sizing” process for my home, I knew working with Lisa would kickstart the process for me.  Lisa recommended starting in the most impactful areas – pantry, kitchen and entry hall – and we then moved through most of the areas of the house.    By working with Lisa, I kept motivated on the project and her insights on what to keep, where items should be stored and proper containers made the process a lot easier.  Each time Lisa left, she took bags and boxes of donations that I was glad to part with that allowed me to enjoy my space much more.  Together we moved furniture, emptied out the basement and hit most spaces in the house.  Lisa was also very knowledgeable and helpful in bringing in needed resources and other professionals to complete tasks as needed.  We continue to work on a critical memorabilia project which has been lingering for years and while it is very time consuming and tedious at times, it also feels great to finally get this project underway.  Lisa helps keep us on track with the project and created a framework to get the project completed.”   D.F.

Finding Efficiencies and Systems “As a full-time professional with three young children, finding efficiencies and organizational systems that work for our busy lives is key to day-to-day survival. After moving from a city condo to a new historic home with challenging closets and spaces, I reached out to Lisa for support and she was able to bring a fresh perspective. Working with Lisa was really seamless – from taking all of the items we purged after our sessions to donate/throw away, to proposing storage solution options (she brought them along to my home to test out!), to installing shelving/hooks, she quickly assesses pain points and figures out solutions in a time and cost effective way. Working with Lisa is time and money well spent!” J.S.

Move-in Managed “Lisa was referred to me by a friend who had helped me during a recent move.  I was excited to be purchasing a beautiful new home but had never fully unpacked from a previous move and needed planning and motivation to get the job completed.  At the beginning of the project, I couldn’t see the counters or most surfaces in the apartment and an entire room was filled floor to ceiling with boxes.  With each session, Lisa managed the process of working through each box, deciding on the contents and removing the unwanted and unneeded items.  I set a deadline for completing the project with a housewarming party and through a LOT of hard work and dedication we got it done.  Not only did Lisa keep me focused and motivated, she also came up with unique storage solutions to display my collections.  After years in boxes, my collections now fill my space and I can really enjoy my home and my things and the housewarming was a huge success!  I will continue to work with Lisa on a “maintenance” basis so that my home remains uncluttered and a joy to be in.”  S.F.

Getting “Renovation Ready” “Preparing for a home renovation was a great impetus to call Lisa for help.  Lisa was really open to providing fresh ideas on how to best utilize our space while helping pack up and prepare for construction which is a very stressful time.  One important part of the project was reviewing and organizing heirloom items and memorabilia which was a very emotional and difficult project.  Lisa provided support and assistance to get through this and it made a difficult process easier which was very much appreciated.  I had a short timeframe to work with and Lisa was flexible with her schedule and made it work to get the job done.”  S.C.

Making Spaces Work “Lisa and I worked together on a number of spaces that had been a challenge and that were keeping me from fully enjoying my home.  She was able to bring a fresh perspective to the projects and really helped me lighten my load – both physically and mentally.  Lisa always left with donations – things that were holding me back – and I felt “lighter” after our sessions.  We did a lot of work in my home office space to make the room serve multiple uses but it finally felt intentional and purposeful.  The organizing process got tedious at time but together, we created systems that work taking a lot of the daily stressors out of the home.”  A.D.

Lighten your load & love your space “Lisa helped me to pack up the entire kitchen before a complete renovation and then unpack it as well.  She also worked with me room by room, shelf by shelf, to make my entire house more organized and to fully utilize all of the living and storage spaces.  I enjoyed working with Lisa because she was friendly and courteous. She was very respectful of my things. It was convenient to work with her, as she hauled away all donations and recyclables. She also purchased and installed storage and organization systems in my home, so I didn’t have to search multiple stores for the items.”   M.B.

New Space, New Options “After a recent move, I needed help in organizing my new home.  Normally I would do it myself,  but moving is so hectic,  I just wanted to start enjoying the new space and to be functioning on all cylinders.  I also had some challenging spaces and was feeling kind of stuck.  Since a friend had told me about Lisa Dooley a year prior,  I decided I just needed to make that call.  After just a few hours of working with her,  Lisa totally took my stress away.  She has so much experience and insight to different personalities, it was also a great learning experience.  We got everything accomplished in a much shorter time that I’d ever imagined.  Lisa even drove away to deliver things I wanted to donate and put things online for sale ..which have sold!  So now I call Lisa every few months.  Yet I never feel any pressure to.  I just find her to be professional, non-judgmental and just great at keeping me following through.  If I have to feed a child, or run to soccer practice,  I don’t have to feel embarrassed, Lisa will just ask a few questions and keep making progress. She uses our time time to my maximum benefit.  I have made decisions that I know would have put off for years.  So glad I made that call.  I highly recommend Lisa!”   -CH

Setting goals and getting it done Getting better organized has been a goal for a while but I was having trouble getting started.  I won a free assessment gift certificate Your Organized Life had donated to a local charity and took this as the first step to get organized!  Lisa was really helpful in defining each organizational space within my home and sharing tips on how making little changes can have a really significant impact.  Working side by side, Lisa helped me tackle my organizing projects one by one, providing constant feedback and support and keeping me on track.  Understanding goals and working to reach them is definitely one of Lisa’s strengths – she does not get bogged down when a project moves slowly – she continues to focus on the end result which is to provide a solution that works for me.  Another great aspect of working with Lisa is that she takes items for donation with her after each session so that I do not have to waste time and energy on finding the right “home” for these items – it makes working with her an added bonus.  I am not so overwhelmed by the projects I have because I know Lisa will help me through them quickly and easily.  Also Lisa is extremely knowledgeable about items/papers to keep and not to keep.   Lisa has given me the confidence and motivation to tackle other projects on my own.  She is easy to work with and very accommodating!”  A.D.

Getting it staged and getting it sold “When we decided to put our house on the market and start showing immediately, our realtor recommended we hire an impartial stager/organizer’ to get our home “show ready” ASAP.  Lisa gave me great direction and ideas on how to present our home in the best light by eliminating excess, rearranging furniture and using accessories we had to emphasize the mood of the rooms.  Lisa’s honesty was crucial and her digging in and not being afraid to “get her hands dirty” was what made the project work.  Her unbiased opinions and ability to keep the project moving as well as her assistance in getting it done are what set Lisa apart in organizing.  Working with Lisa made the project a success – we sold our house during the first Open House!”  D.H.

Getting organized can change your life “During a recent move to the Boston area, I found the referral for Your Organized Life on the NAPO (National Organization of Professional Organizers) website. Lisa was able to start working with me immediately and we created organizing systems from the ground up. Because I had few storage options, Lisa purchased and installed the items we needed as we went, helping us to more easily transition into our new home. Working together, we were able to better define our living space so that it works for the entire family on both a design and functional level and makes it easier for us to stay organized. Also, the filing system we developed was critical in keeping our paperwork organized and our finances and calendar on track. From design and development to implementation and follow up, Lisa worked with our timeframe and budget to make it work for us with a lot less stress and a lot more joy.”  C.L.

Spaces redefined and optimized “My firm went through a total renovation and my business life ended up in chaos and in a bunch of boxes. Procrastinating and having no idea where to start, I reached out to Lisa and her company, Your Organized Life. I cannot thank Lisa enough. She helped me envision the optimal layout from both an organizational and workflow standpoint and implemented the plan with minimal disruption. I can only say that today my office is the envy of the entire firm! Everyone is amazed at the transformation my office went through in just two short days. I cannot recommend Lisa enough. So stop procrastinating and get organized!” K.K.

Transitional space simplifies life “Lisa provided great advice for the design and organization of our mudroom (launching & landing pad). She was instrumental in the selection of our furnishings and even arranged for professional installation. When working with Lisa, she was professional and her attention to detail was impeccable. She brought to life what I had envisioned. Now, keys, lunchboxes, coats, shoes, etc. are all in one place which helps everyone get out the door on time.” C.H.

Making the most of your time and space “With the help of Lisa Dooley of Your Organized Life, I’ve finally been able to understand and get a handle on my two greatest challenges: volume and time (or lack thereof!). “A place for everything and everything in its place” is a mantra I knew well but seldom followed. Lisa helped me focus on the “big picture” behind my organizing goals so that we could develop the right systems and solutions. Through working with Lisa, I realized that many of the places I had for things were not ideal and limited the functionality of the space. After incorporating the right kind of storage and organizational tools for my needs, I can now find what I need when I need it. Reducing clutter and visual chaos also makes it easier for me to relax and enjoy my life at home.” F.J.

Clutter vs collectibles and keeping what counts “I’d heard about professional organizers, and knew I needed organizational help, but didn’t think that I could afford it. What surprised me the most in working with Lisa Dooley of Your Organized  is Life how much value I had in items cluttering my home that were no longer valuable to me. Lisa had a fresh perspective on my items and space and this allowed me to make decisions that supported my goals of clearing out space and only keeping items that were useful or truly meaningful to me. Lisa not only helped me purge my home of unused and unwanted things, but also facilitated resale of those things, which generated revenue that helped offset – and at times exceeded – the cost of her organizational services. For little or no cost, our sessions resulted in a better home environment, and sometimes a profit! My newly organized space is functional and aesthetically pleasing – a far cry from where we started and a welcome change.” M.J.

Customized organizational strategies for everyday “Working with Lisa has enabled me to tackle projects in which I did not know where to start and that were difficult to even think about. Regardless of the situation, I could bring Lisa in and know that she could cut through the challenge and break it down into action steps and completed projects faster than I could have done on my own. Lisa has a special quality that no matter how embarrassing a pile or cluttered catch-all a room had become, she is always professional and offers support and encouragement, and never judgment. Lisa is not afraid to get her hands dirty and is always willing to tie up the loose ends of a project. As someone who is busy, has trouble finding time to deal with that room/attic/unfinished project or to-do list, I have found Lisa an invaluable asset. With the organizational solutions and systems that we have developed together, my home is much less stressful. In the past, when it was time to pack for a trip, prepare to entertain or even just day-to-day knowing where things are, I used to waste valuable time and energy. Now, my family is happier and I find it easier to hold them accountable to put their things away because items have an appropriate “home”. Lisa is so enjoyable to work with – I would recommend her to anyone!!” S.F.

Managing my space “I truly enjoyed working with Lisa.  She was very flexible with my busy schedule.  Her ideas were VERY effective and helpful.  I now find my newly organized space much more manageable.  Lisa was so patient and considerate.  I would highly recommend her!”  M.F.  

Function and form create organizing solutions “Lisa is a consummate professional with a unique variety of skills which she draws upon while working with her clients.  She demystifies the process of becoming and staying organized, imparting her knowledge to insure that her client is engaged in all aspects of a project from start to finish.  Lisa confidently blends form with function, helps her clients to select systems that are cost-effectice and pleasing to the eye!”  U.S.

Organize to grow (personally and professionally) “I worked with Your Organized Life in getting my home office into an organized and productive space that allowed me to better grow my business.  Lisa was really flexible with scheduling sessions and purchased many of the products we needed to keep the process moving along.  Even when the process got bogged down and frustrating, she helped me push through and stay focused on the end goal – better organization and a less stressful environment.  We re-used a number of items I already owned and chose systems and solutions that fit my needs and budget.   Working with Lisa was a very consultative process and I always felt she understood my goals and helped me to get there.”  A.H.