Clutter vs collectibles and keeping what counts I’d heard about professional organizers, and knew I needed organizational help, but didn’t think that I could afford it. What surprised me the most in working with Lisa Dooley of Your Organized Life how much value I had in items cluttering my home that were no longer valuable to me. Lisa had a fresh perspective on my items and space and this allowed me to make decisions that supported my goals of clearing out space and only keeping items that were useful or truly meaningful to me. Lisa not only helped me purge my home, especially my basement, of unused and unwanted things, but also facilitated resale of those things, which generated revenue that helped offset – and at times exceeded – the cost of her organizational services. For little or no cost, our sessions resulted in a better home environment, and sometimes a profit! My newly organized basement space is functional and aesthetically pleasing – a far cry from where we started and a welcome change.