Your Organized Life specializes in a number of organizational areas: paperwork management, calendar management, space and work flow, time management,  photo & memorabilia preservation, rightsizing and moving, staging your home for sale, and closet and wardrobe management as well as customized organizational strategies for your family or business.


Paperwork management – no more lost permission slips, doctor’s notes, reports for work - Your Organized Life will help you create a paperwork system that allows you to find what you need, when you need it.   Working together, we'll create a customized solution that meets your needs.


Calendar management – find the right calendar system for your family or business.  Time is money and getting where you need to be when you need to be there is critical.   Do you prefer a digital calendar system or a paper based visual system?  Are your needs mobile and need to be accessed by multiple users?  We'll find the calendar system that will allow you to better plan for your short and long term needs.


Space and work flow – create space that works effectively for you and allows for easy transitions.  Are you using your existing space effectively?  Simple changes and tweaks can make your workflow easier and help define the space for greater ease of use.


Time management – techniques and strategies for better time management and more time for you.  Getting bogged down in errands and repetitive projects?  Understanding your challenges allows us to work together to create solutions that cut through the clutter and help you find more time in your calendar.


Photo & memorabilia management – don’t let your photos languish in the attic and on your computer – display and enjoy your memories.  Do you have boxes of old prints with no idea what to do with them?  Hundreds of digital files on your camera and computer?  Your Organized Life will help define your projects - print albums, digital frames, scanning photos, archiving files - that will allow you to enjoy your memories and photos and share the magic!


Staging your home for sale – in this tough real estate market, staging your home is critical. Learn techniques to de-clutter and show your home in its best light.   Your Organized Life can help defining each space and eliminate excess, rearrange furniture and use existing accessories to emphasize the mood of each room.


Rightsizing and moving – selling your home and moving is a complicated and stressful project.  Get help in organizing your move and setting up your new space.  Moving is both time and labor intensive - Your Organized Life can provide the manpower, organizing and project management to get the move done easily and efficiently.


Closet and Wardrobe Organization – create the organized closet and wardrobe that allow you to look and feel great.  Getting dressed and out of the house looking and feeling good can be a challenge.  Organizing your closet with clothes you love and make you feel good - let Your Organized Life help you define the right wardrobe for you and keep your closet easy to manage.


Customized organizational solutions and systems for your family and business.  Need help with asset management for your company?  Wanting to create a business plan or financial and estate planning?  Your Organized Life can help youfind the right solutions to keep your family and business moving forward.


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