MINDBODYGREEN:  It’s finally spring and it’s a great time to get organized.  I’m excited to share my favorite ways to get organized for spring.

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Tips for Organizing Your Digital Space

digital declutter

A messy home office = negative mental health. Everyone knows that a messy home office can negatively affect your mental health and productivity, but did you know that digital clutter can have the same effects too? Digital clutter refers to the disorganization of things like photos, apps, downloads, and files on devices like your computer…

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Organizing your pantry for healthy eating…

organized pantry

Everyone wants to eat healthier.  Organizing your kitchen and pantry makes this process more doable.   Check out these tips to get started. Invest in your wellness. Get the highest quality blender/food processor you can afford. If wrestling with a subpar blender or food processor makes it difficult to make a healthy smoothie or prepare ingredients,…

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REAL HOMES:  With the busy real estate market, decluttering and staging for sale is even more important.  I’m excited to be included with these tips for getting organized…

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Kitchen Spring Cleaning

Everyone wants an organized kitchen.  But one of the greatest obstacles to keeping that space organized is the sheer volume of stuff there.  Between the appliances, large and small, dishes and glassware, and all the foodstuff, there’s a lot to maintain.  Get a jump on your kitchen spring cleaning by focusing on these critical areas. …

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7 Steps to Get to Your “Happy Place”

Want to make your home more joyful and less chaotic?  Start by following these simple steps to declutter your home and enjoy your space more… 1.      Start in the kitchen, bedroom, playroom – whichever room feels most impactful for you. 2.      Set the timer on your phone for 30 minutes and…

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The story of the stuff

why am i keeping this

Why am I holding onto this? This is one of the most frequent questions I hear when I work with clients.  “Why am I stuffing my already overcrowded drawers with my child’s outgrown ballet outfit?”  “Why can’t I let go of Grandma’s china set, although many of the pieces are broken or missing?”  “Why am…

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Outwit Trade: Stories on the Benefits of Minimalism

Outwit Trade logo

Outwit Trade.   I’m often asked about minimalism vs organization and how they’re related.  And no, you don’t have to be a minimalist to be organized – you just have to be able to find your stuff when you need it; that’s organization.  You can read more about this interesting topic on Stories on the Benefits…

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