REDFIN BLOG:  While the kitchen is the heart of the home, the bedroom is the place to find real tranquility.  I’m excited to be included in this great article on “How to Declutter Your Room: 12 Tips for Managing Bedroom Clutter Once and For All”.

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MINDBODYGREEN:  It’s finally spring and it’s a great time to get organized.  I’m excited to share my favorite ways to get organized for spring.

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REAL HOMES:  With the busy real estate market, decluttering and staging for sale is even more important.  I’m excited to be included with these tips for getting organized…

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Outwit Trade: Stories on the Benefits of Minimalism

Outwit Trade logo

Outwit Trade.   I’m often asked about minimalism vs organization and how they’re related.  And no, you don’t have to be a minimalist to be organized – you just have to be able to find your stuff when you need it; that’s organization.  You can read more about this interesting topic on Stories on the Benefits…

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Married with a Business Podcast – Organizing Your Life

Married with a Business Podcast

Married with a Business Podcast.   Everyone can use a little help with organization, especially small businesses that have leaner structures.  I was excited to join Allison and Craig on their “Married with a Business” podcast to share tips on staying organized in your business.  You can listen here at: Tunin: spotify: iTunes:  

Read More logo 19 Best Items for People Who Hate Housework/Chores Cleaning is NOT organizing; and they are both important.  Check out this article on the Best Items for People Who Hate Housework & Chores to see what this organizer likes!  Choose simple solutions to make your life easier…

Read More logo 21 Best Gifts for Graduates Temporarily Stuck at Home We’re all looking for things to celebrate right now, the big and the small.   Graduation season is here and while it looks a whole heck of a lot different than it ever has, it’s still important to celebrate the graduates.  Check out this article on…

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