How can I serve myself right now?

How can I use my time at home most effectively?

We are in unprecedented times.  Apart from those days following September 11, the United States has never seen such a slowdown of life.  And one of the biggest differences from that event and this one, the COVID-19 outbreak, is that in the wake of 9/11, we gathered as a people.  To flatten the curve and use social distancing as a way to slow and stop the spread of this virus, we are physically separated in a way many of us have never experienced.  So how can we use this time and situation to improve our lives and our situation?   Take this time to declutter – physically, mentally and emotionally – from what’s not serving you.  We’ve all found out that those things we considered essential in our lives like sports, going to the gym, getting our nails done, and celebrity gossip, really aren’t all that important after all.   Now focus on getting rid of the physical clutter that’s causing your life to overflow with stress and stuff.

Make a plan.

When we’re in our “normal” lives, we’re often rushing from place to place and priority to priority.  Because of this, have you used your home as a dumping ground for stuff?  Pick the spot that’s your greatest “pain point”.  Is the kitchen overflowing, especially with the kids homeschooling and your “work from home” situation?  Do the kids abandon the playroom because it’s overcrowded with toys that are unused?  Is closing the bureau drawers a distant memory due to the volume you’re trying to contain? First, prioritize.  Pick the spot that’s going to be the most impactful to your present day-to-day living.  For now, forget the basement and the attic – we’ll get to those spots – but the priority right now is how to make your time at home more effective and enjoyable.

In times of change, we are sometimes paralyzed by indecision and uncertainty.  This is the time to take action.  “What one does is what counts. Not what one had the intention of doing.” Pablo Picasso