Start with the stuff, not the box or the bin

For most of us, getting organized is a challenge.  As a first step, we go out and try to purchase the “right storage” – the pretty box or plastic bin.  But the reality is that getting organized isn’t about the box or the bin; it’s about having the “right stuff” in our spaces. The first step in the organizing process is about getting rid of the excess – the damaged, the unused, the unneeded. Do you have the right amount?  Great – now decide where the item should be stored.  Games in the toy room or family room?  Books in the nursery or playroom? Extra linens in the bedroom or hallway?  Once your item has a home, then decide on the right storage.  Buying a box and bin is an easy “fix” that distracts us from the more challenging work which is the actual organizing.

Keep it simple

When choosing a storage solution, think about trying to find that item when you are looking for it.  Choose a clear storage option whenever possible unless you really are trying to “hide” items from view.  Opaque is not your friend!!  Do not buy a fancy, high end container system or fancy boxes or bins if those are not really what work best for your item or space.  Choose clear plastic shoe boxes which are ideal for so many items – small toys, art supplies, legos, cosmetics, office supplies.  Searching for the best container for crayons?  Remove them from that paper carton and put them in a clear Ziploc.  No more trying to cram them back into the original slots and ending up with broken magenta shards.  Keep it simple and clear.

Shoebox size clear boxes work really well for arts and crafts, small toy items, school and office supplies and so many other items.  The bonus of these small clear bins is that they are stackable, doubling and tripling your storage space.  When choosing storage items – think KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid – because it’s not about the box or the bin…