What’s the real value of your time?

by giving something up

What are you spending your time on now? As an organizing coach, I help my clients rewrite the stories of their lives.  We move from frazzled and overwhelmed to living a more calm, intentional life.  To be organized and find more space, more time and more joy, time management is key.  While there are lots…

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Distractions, Distractions…How’s your adult ADD working?

do not disturb sign

Minimizing Distractions What is your biggest distraction?  Is it the phone, email, social media, constant interruptions from others?  Managing and minimizing distractions are key elements of time management and staying organized.  Whether you are trying to focus on a project at work or complete a task at home, constant distractions slow us down significantly.  Are…

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What do you want to spend time on?

graphic on time

What do you spend time on now? Do you really know what you spend time on?  If you stop and add up how many minutes each week you spend hunting for your keys, talking to a creditor to avoid a late payment or looking for a piece of paper with important information, you’ll find you have a…

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