Planning, purging, and packing during COVID.

packing in boxes

Countdown to your move. As you’re planning your move, use this as an opportunity to purge.  How much storage is available in your new space?  Will all of these items fit?  If you’re not using an item now, it’s highly unlikely you’ll use it in your new home so let it go now and save…

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Planning your kitchen renovation

planning kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovations are disruptive. Plan accordingly… Ready to get started on your kitchen renovation? Vetted and chose a great contractor like Almar Building and Remodeling Co.? Excited about picking paint colors, cabinets, and lighting? Excellent! First, create a plan for how you’ll stay organized during the renovation. Since March, we’ve been quarantining at home and…

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What NOT to organize at the holidays

decorating christmas tree

What’s your holiday “goal”? This year, do you want to entertain family and friends in a calm, peaceful home?  Are you looking for more time to enjoy holiday traditions?  Is having a more jolly holiday season a goal?   Being organized at the holidays can help with all of these.  Clearing the clutter that crowds your…

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What’s working?

glass jar pantry organization

What works for you? Everyone has that space in their home or office that is an organizing challenge, including organizers!  Does your mudroom/transitional space get messy and cluttered quickly and repeatedly?  It’s often a struggle to keep basements organized.  That large open space often becomes a dumping ground for items we don’t quite know what…

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