Reducing your footprint

empty office space

Downsizing your (commercial) space What’s one of your largest business expenses?  Salary?  Benefits?  How about rent?  And if there’s one consistent thing that businesses have been grappling with during the pandemic, it’s how and where employees are housed.  Traditionally, businesses need office space for workers; and we’ve learned over the last few months that’s not…

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Something in, Something out

use it or lose it graphic

Is something coming into your space? What’s your greatest organizing challenge?  The most common response is “I don’t have enough storage space”.  Yes, there are ways to create more storage space but you also have to limit the volume of things that come in.  There are many things you cannot control but what comes into…

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Reduce Reuse Recycle Repeat

reduce reuse recycle repeat

Reduce your volume and reuse your storage How can being organized also be good for the environment and your wallet? REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE. Reducing the volume of items that enter your space is the first important step.  There are things in life you cannot control but what comes into your space is something you…

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