Business Planning

Office organization is often a must for a business’ or entrepreneur’s journey to find joy at working organizing your professional life.  Sometimes it’s office desk organization ideas, questions on how to organize an office, or general business office organization ideas.  We’ll work together not only on the space and clutter – the office space organization but also the systems to support the continued growth of the company.  Whether it’s small office organization ideas you need, or an office move, or tips on how to organize a messy office, we have experience with it.

Organizing space is one challenge; prioritizing your time with different systems, like how to organize your life with google calendar, are another.  You can find these topics covered in my book, More Space. More Time. More Joy!  Organizing Your Best Life to get started...

Business Planning and Processes As a busy professional running a home and business, I was challenged with business planning and processes. Working with Lisa, we created systems to implement more effective processes for the business as well as solid planning for a recent renovation project. I felt comfortable that Lisa understood my goals on both a personal and professional level and her insight was helpful in balancing the needs of both. As an experienced professional, Lisa has extensive knowledge of other professionals and needed resources which is very helpful. As an solopreneur, we lack a counterpart with whom we can manage and improve processes and planning and having Lisa as a resource is great. In addition, Lisa worked with my child to organize his room after a recent move. Having a professional in this role removed the parent/child power struggle and got the task completed with shouting or tears (his or mine!).