Memorabilia Management

Organizing isn’t boxes and bins and complicated filing systems.  It’s about finding our stuff when we need it so we can go out and live our best life.  And part of that life is creating and preserving a legacy, ours and of those we love.  Do you want to preserve a legacy but aren’t sure how to get started with this “organization of life”?  Let us help.  We’ve worked with many clients on these important projects and can work with you not only on how to organize your life but also to cherish and preserve the memories along the way.

Check out my blog post on ensuring what’s really important to you and how to get started with all that memorabilia so you can actually enjoy it.   Let’s get started….

Preserving memories   I had started a project to put together photo albums and memorabilia for my late brother.  But I got stuck early on because I was so overwhelmed by all of the photos I had and I had no idea how to put it all together.   When I met with Lisa, she asked questions about my family and how I wanted to preserve the memories, not about the actual work.  I felt that she really understood my goals and was able to get this project, which I was overwhelmed by, done.  As a bonus, Lisa did all of the work remotely so I was not overwhelmed by having all of the pieces in my home.  In the end, I was thrilled with how the project came out and it was so worth the money to have this done.  Working with Lisa was easy and I would highly recommend her for a project like this. 

preserving a legacy