Moving and move management

Moving can be a challenge, especially during COVID.  I share a number of specific tips on my blog posts on READYING FOR MOVING DAY IN THE TIME OF COVID, PLANNING, PURGING, AND PACKING DURING COVID, MOVING SAFELY IN THE TIME OF COVID, and ORGANIZING YOUR MOVE DURING COVID.  There’s the timing, the planning, the packing, and then the actual move and unpack.  Planning makes a huge impact.  I’ve done local, long-distance, and even international moves.  And there are tips and tricks to making the process easier.  Purging and decluttering is a great first step.  Getting rid of the piles of paper and the excess will allow you to stay organized in your new home.  Whether you’re packing a POD, using a moving company, or utilizing a DIY method – or some hybrid of all of these – we can help.  Because we’ve done this so many times, we’ll think of questions you may never imagine.  In addition to the critical planning, we’ll help with the packing and unpacking and getting you moved to your new home.  Yes, there are life hacks to getting organized and staying organized and we can share that experience with you.

Moving can be a critical step to creating your new, best life.  Let us help get you from here to there with less stress.  Welcome to the rest of your life…


Starting over and getting organized.  During a recent move to the Boston area, I found the referral for Your Organized Life on the NAPO (National Organization of Professional Organizers) website. Lisa was able to start working with me immediately and we created organizing systems from the ground up. Because I had few storage options, Lisa purchased and installed the items we needed as we went, helping us to more easily transition into our new home. Working together, we were able to better define our living space so that it works for the entire family on both a design and functional level and makes it easier for us to stay organized. Also, the filing system we developed was critical in keeping our paperwork organized and our finances and calendar on track. From design and development to implementation and follow up, Lisa worked with our timeframe and budget to make it work for us with a lot less stress and a lot more joy.