Closet & Wardrobe Organizing

“When I look good, I feel good.”  That’s actually the title of a chapter in my book, More Space. More Time. More Joy! Organizing Your Best Life.   For that “good feeling” to materialize, you need to have a closet organizer system.   Whether you are focusing on a small closet organizer or full, walk in closets, it’s not about the square footage.  It’s really about how you best use the space.  If you want to live a more organized life, you need to create systems so that you can quickly and easily pick out an outfit and get out the door.  Some of the systems we use are a shoe organizer, a makeup organizer, as well as shelf organizers to maximize the space.  Another common struggle is how to best organize jewelry so we can wear the beautiful things we own.   This is another organization project we excel at and can assist in making your jewelry accessible (and pretty to display!).

Are you looking for a clothes organizer?  Firstly, you have to purge what doesn’t work for you anymore – the stained, ripped and unrepairable.   Don’t let the volume of your wardrobe spill out into the rest of the room and cover every available surface (and the floor!).  Let go of the wardrobe items that don’t fit or flatter; donate or sell what might have value.  If you are looking for where to start your organizing your life, start in the closets…

Wardrobe/closet organization.  One of my biggest organizing challenges is my bedroom, closet and wardrobe.  I am continually looking for an organizing system that works and that is easy to stick with.   Lisa and I first went through my wardrobe and I purged items that I wasn’t wearing.  This was a really big organizing project but if I wanted to keep my life organized, I had to get a handle on the volume of what I had.  In my life as a single mom, I tended to buy more clothes because I didn’t have time to make a lot of decisions; so I ended up with a lot I wasn’t wearing.  Lisa provided new closet organizing ideas I had not thought of and that helped manage the space better.  There are a lot of closet organizer ideas and Lisa helped me find the ones that worked best for me.  In the end, I was happy to donate a lot of stuff I didn’t need any longer.  This process can be hard to keep up at times but I know the system is there for me to fall back on.    

before and after bedroom