Staging & Renovation

Change is hard and transitions in our home can pose real challenges in how we live an organized life.  Homes that are staged sell for 30% more so utilizing professional organizing services can have a significant impact.  Whether you are renovating your home to stay or staging/preparing your home for sale, creating an organizing plan to make each process successful.

Renovations and staging are challenging to living an organized life because you are living in the midst of the process, which is temporary and transitional.  Each requires a lot of planning, flexibility, and improvising as you go.  Check out this blog post on "Planning your kitchen renovation". Start by taking away.  Are there items you can purge right now that is no longer needed, used, or loved?  Think books, clothes, and housewares to get started.   What is purely decorative and can be packed away for the short or long term?   Think and plan for how you will live during this transitional period.  Do you need a temporary kitchen or sleeping space?  What can be reused and repurposed to serve your needs?

This too shall pass so don't waste a lot of time and money on aesthetics.  Moving during COVID requires special planning and considerations.  I've written several blog posts to guide this process.  Start here at with "Organizing your move during Covid".  Less is truly more...

Getting it staged and getting it sold “When we decided to put our house on the market and start showing immediately, our realtor recommended we hire an impartial stager/organizer' to get our home “show ready” ASAP.  Lisa gave me great direction and ideas on how to present our home in the best light by eliminating excess, rearranging furniture and using accessories we had to emphasize the mood of the rooms.  Lisa’s honesty was crucial and her digging in and not being afraid to “get her hands dirty” was what made the project work.  Her unbiased opinions and ability to keep the project moving as well as her assistance in getting it done are what set Lisa apart in organizing.  Working with Lisa made the project a success - we sold our house during the first Open House!”  

Getting "Renovation Ready" “Preparing for a home renovation was a great impetus to call Lisa for help.  Lisa was really open to providing fresh ideas on how to best utilize our space while helping pack up and prepare for construction which is a very stressful time.  One important part of the project was reviewing and organizing heirloom items and memorabilia which was a very emotional and difficult project.  Lisa provided support and assistance to get through this and it made a difficult process easier which was very much appreciated.  I had a short timeframe to work with and Lisa was flexible with her schedule and made it work to get the job done.”  

Lighten your load & love your space Lisa helped me to pack up the entire kitchen before a complete renovation and then unpack it as well.  She also worked with me room by room, shelf by shelf, to make my entire house more organized and to fully utilize all of the living and storage spaces.  I enjoyed working with Lisa because she was friendly and courteous. She was very respectful of my things. It was convenient to work with her, as she hauled away all donations and recyclables. She also purchased and installed storage and organization systems in my home, so I didn’t have to search multiple stores for the items.