What do I do with all this stuff?

How many screwdrivers do I really need?

One of the biggest challenges for many people when they are trying to get organized is “what do I do with all this stuff”?  When we start organizing a space, the volume can be overwhelming.  For most of us, when we can’t find what we are looking for, we purchase another.   So gather all the soccer cleats, hammers, black sweaters, phone chargers, etc – whatever item you are organizing – and decide on how many you REALLY need to keep. Purging what you already have starts the process.  Once you have the items you want to move out of your space, now what do I do with all this stuff?  Donating is a wonderful choice.  You get the space back and help someone else in the process.  And donating your unneeded and used items couldn’t be  easier – see the list of resources on how to donate just about anything.

How do I donate this thing-y??

Toys and books taking up space and gathering dust now that “the kids” are in college?  Donate to Big Brothers/Big Sisters to be reused and re-loved.  Old prom and bridesmaid dresses get to see the dance floor again and household items you’ll never use make a house a home for another family.  Think also about specific people who might need an item.  A niece moving into her first apartment?  She’d love those extra pots and pans but get them to her right away.  Holding onto items for “future” donations just adds to your volume and disorganization. Do you think your item still has real value?  Slightly used electronics, designer clothes, and high-end home items fall in this category.  Online yard sales and resellers (think eBay and other sources) can net you some cash if you have the time and inclination to resell your items.  As you go through your purging process, put aside the items that you might want to resell vs. donate, and focus first on your donations.  Control your stuff, don’t let your stuff control you.  Donate or resell your used and unneeded items and open up space in your home and your life.