The story of the stuff

why am i keeping this

Why am I holding onto this? This is one of the most frequent questions I hear when I work with clients.  “Why am I stuffing my already overcrowded drawers with my child’s outgrown ballet outfit?”  “Why can’t I let go of Grandma’s china set, although many of the pieces are broken or missing?”  “Why am…

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Reducing your footprint

empty office space

Downsizing your (commercial) space What’s one of your largest business expenses?  Salary?  Benefits?  How about rent?  And if there’s one consistent thing that businesses have been grappling with during the pandemic, it’s how and where employees are housed.  Traditionally, businesses need office space for workers; and we’ve learned over the last few months that’s not…

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Planning, purging, and packing during COVID.

packing in boxes

Countdown to your move. As you’re planning your move, use this as an opportunity to purge.  How much storage is available in your new space?  Will all of these items fit?  If you’re not using an item now, it’s highly unlikely you’ll use it in your new home so let it go now and save…

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Moving safely in the time of COVID

Man with moving boxes

Trust; and verify. Words to live by. And even more so now during the time of COVID. If you’re organizing your move, it’s important to double-check, and even triple check, all of the details. Because many companies’ hours have been reduced and employees are working in a remote environment, it will take longer than normal to get confirmation…

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Organizing your move during COVID

moving your home

Start with a plan and a timeline. Moving is stressful. Period. This is one of the universal knowns like death and taxes. Whether we’re downsizing and moving to a warmer climate or going through the transition of divorce or separation, taking some of the emotion and stress out of your move will definitely help, especially with the…

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The transition of divorce…

VESTA divorce logo

The statistics of divorce The statistics of divorce are not great.  44% of first marriages and 67% of second marriages end in divorce.  And the percentage for third marriages is even higher.  There’s no one who hasn’t experienced this painful transition of divorce either personally, or with friends and family.  Over my ten years of…

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How much does it COST to get organized?

impossible until it's done nelson mandela

Well, it depends…. “How much will it cost me to hire an organizer for my organizing project?” Well, it depends.  One of the most important factors is your location.  If you live near a large urban area, there will likely be an organizer nearby.  NAPO, the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals, is an…

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Donating is great. Here’s how to do it thoughtfully and intentionally.

decluttering and donating

What do I have to donate? If we’re lucky, we’ve all been stuck in our homes for the past few weeks and months. And yes, I said, “lucky”. Because there are millions who are living with housing insecurity and homelessness during this global pandemic.  If you’re at home, you’ve likely done some organizing – Google searches for decluttering…

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