It’s not about the stuff

Why can’t I keep my stuff organized?

Have you ever wondered why you can’t get or stay organized?  Do you think it’s about all the stuff you have?  Honestly, it’s never about the stuff; it’s about why and how we keep our stuff that bogs us down.  Nothing comes into your space without your permission; you are in control of what you bring into your home or office.  This is the first “point of attack” – don’t bring in anything that doesn’t serve your needs.  Something in, something out.   Be vigilant yourself and with your family/office mates – you are all responsible for what enters your space.  If you can stem the flow of items into your space, organizing what you already have becomes easier because it cuts down on the volume.  Volume of “stuff” is a significant challenge for many clients – toys, books, paper, clothes – all this “stuff” takes up physical and psychic space.

Focus on the space, not the stuff

So, if struggling to get organized isn’t about the stuff, then what is it about?  Are you buying more stuff out of sadness, boredom, guilt or any other feeling?  Stuff should serve our needs; we shouldn’t serve our stuff.  Is shopping a way to pass the time or feel “better”?  If so, find a new hobby or other activities that will serve you better like exercise or spending time with friends (not while shopping!).   Create a challenge for yourself – no shopping for anything but food for 30 days.  See how much money, time and energy you save.  Use up all the “extra” and “overflows” in your home that you’ve stockpiled and open up that space.  Yes, we think we are saving money when we buy bargains or in bulk but the reality is that these things are taking up space that could be put to better use.

Your home should be a place of calm where you can rest and recharge.  Filling it with stuff has the opposite effect of making us feel even more stressed and overwhelmed.  Limit the stuff that enters your space and so that you can create that peaceful, nurturing space that works for you.