Mittens, Mittens Everywhere

Welcome to mid-winter (almost)

It’s less than a week to Groundhog Day.  And regardless of what that pesky groundhog declares on February 2nd, we all know there’s a lot more cold and wet to come.  So, are you maintaining your transitional space to manage the crush of boots, jackets, mittens, gloves and snow gear?  It’s time for a mid-winter tune-up of your space.  In the fall, we’re in love with “sweatah weathah” and excited to pull on our boots.  Now, we dread more winter precipitation and the transitional space has become a dumping zone.  First, grab a trash bag and get rid of the garbage.  It’s amazing what accumulates in this space – old newspapers and fliers, expired coupons, and other detritus of our lives.  Toss the empty water bottles in the recycling bin and get ready to start sorting.

Sort “like with like”

Once you’re removed the trash, focus on anything else that doesn’t belong in the transitional space.  Create a pile to be distributed later of anything that belongs in the other areas of the house.  Conversely, take 2 minutes – remember the 2-minute rule? – and take anything that needs to get out of the house into the car.  The transitional space is meant to be just that – transitional.  It’s not intended to be an indefinite holding spot for items entering and leaving the house.  Next, sort “like with like” items.  Match up the gloves and mittens and  put any orphans aside.  Are all the boot and shoe sets accounted for?  Keep one or two coats per person in that space and move any seldom-worn items to other storage spaces.   Check the pockets and do a quick once-over for anything that needs to be laundered.

Your transitional space is critical in making your entering and exiting your space a lot less stressful.  Keep that space uncluttered and keep thinking spring!