Do you want more space, more time and more joy?

How do I find space and time in my life?

Finding more space and more time are the two most common challenges for many of us. How do I find space in my home and office for the things I really need and love?  How do I open psychic space in my head and quiet all the noise?  Finding and creating more time is a very common organizing goal for my clients as well.  So how do I find space and time in my life?   You will find more space, more time and more joy by letting go of the stuff that’s holding you down and holding you back.  All of this includes stuff we’ve purchased, stuff we’ve been gifted, stuff we don’t need or use – it all takes up physical and psychic space.  Caring for our stuff takes up a lot of time as well. Repairs, upkeep, moving and storing our stuff is time consuming.  Purging our unwanted and unneeded items frees up that time to do things we really want to do.

How do I find more joy?

We find joy when we are truly in the moment and doing something we enjoy.  In a space overcrowded with unneeded and unused items, we cannot find joy in our space.  If we are spending our time and money buying, fixing, maintaining and trying to find our stuff, we lose time that could be better spent doing something we love.   The average American spends 40 minutes a day trying to find something – a book, soccer cleats, an insurance policy.  If we keep only those things that serve us and keep them organized, we won’t waste time looking for things.  What do you want to spend your time and money on?  An adventure?  Travel?  Time with family and friends?   Clearing out the clutter and the noise in our lives gives us back that lost time.

Space, time and money are finite.  Let go of the stuff and you’ll find more space, more time and more joy in your life.