No two snowflakes are alike….

winter snow flakes

Why your organized home isn’t like anyone else’s… As no two snowflakes are alike, no two organized homes are the same.   When working with clients, I’m often asked to replicate a system or solution modeled in someone else’s home or in a magazine or often, Pinterest.  But like all unique snowflakes, every organizing challenge and…

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What works today may not work tomorrow…

messy files

Why is this system no longer working for me? One of the first messages I share with an organizing client is that organizing is an intuitive process.  It is intuitive to you and your family (or company) and needs to work in the context of your life.  From there,  we can create systems and solutions…

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It’s not about the box or the bin

organized pantry

Start with the stuff, not the box or the bin For most of us, getting organized is a challenge.  As a first step, we go out and try to purchase the “right storage” – the pretty box or plastic bin.  But the reality is that getting organized isn’t about the box or the bin; it’s…

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Can you organize me?

woman with mess of clothes

Why organizing needs to be intuitive… When people learn what I do, I invariably get the question “can you organize me?”  My answer is always yes, but you won’t stay organized.  Why is that?  Organizing isn’t about boxes and bins; it’s not about fancy organizing products or systems.  Organizing is about finding your stuff when…

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It’s not just for shoes anymore….

shoe hanging with other items

What’s the best solution for my storage space? In every home or office, there are unique organizing challenges. Finding the right storage solution to maximize the storage space needs to be unique and intuitive to you.  There are any number of storage solutions including boxes, bins, baskets, covered containers and many furniture storage pieces.  One…

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Balls, balls, everywhere….

photo of sports ball

What’s the right storage for my organizing challenge? In every home, there is a unique organizing challenge so finding the right storage solution needs to be unique and intuitive to you.  Can you guess one of the most unique challenges?  If you said something that’s round, bouncy and seems to multiply overnight in homes with…

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