7 Steps to Get to Your “Happy Place”

Want to make your home more joyful and less chaotic?  Start by following these simple steps to declutter your home and enjoy your space more…

1.      Start in the kitchen, bedroom, playroom – whichever room feels most impactful for you.

2.      Set the timer on your phone for 30 minutes and get started.

3.      Look to your left and to the highest point.  Are there items that jump out as clutter (i.e. not in their proper “home” or unneeded….)

4.      Take a few items from the top of the pile or shelf and relocate them to their proper location in the room.  Is the proper place the basement or a similar space?  Use a bin or laundry basket to contain and gather your items so you don’t spend time walking back and forth.

5.      Is the item is worth keeping (and relocating) or is something that you can do without?  Not sure how to decide?  Is the item useful and needed in your home?  Keep it and decide where it should be “housed”.  Does it bring you joy when you look at it?  Keep it – everyone needs beautiful and joyful things in their home.  Can’t remember the last time you used the item or why you have it?  Let it go.

6.      When the timer goes off, stop organizing and put away the items to be relocated and put your donations in your car to be dropped off at the nearest donation center.  There’s a way to donate almost anything – learn more at Where to Donate Everything in your Home A-Z.

7.      Book a time for another appointment with yourself and keep going!