Sun and Skin – Organizing for Safety

What items in your transitional space can keep you safe?

Entering and exiting the home easily and with less stress is a goal for everyone.  To make the transitional process easier and more effective, it’s important set up an effective transitional space – also known as your “launching/landing pad” – with the right storage.  So, what’s the most important item to have in this transitional space?  Work bag?  Keys?  The kids’ backpacks?  Yes, yes, and yes.  All of these items are important and we need to be able to access them daily and have them at the ready.  But what’s the item that should be housed here that will keep you and your family SAFE?  How about the sunscreen and bug spray?

How do you store safety items in your transitional space?

Now that we know about the damage that can result from overexposure to the sun and the risk of mosquito and tick-borne illnesses, what better place to house your sunscreen and bug spray than the transitional space?   Safety should always be one of the primary considerations when talking about organizing.  Yes, we all want aesthetics but the space should primarily serve our needs and safety is one of the biggest.   If you don’t have a cabinet to house these items, you can use a bin or some other closed storage.  This is definitely an item that is housed better in closed storage to keep it containerized and away from little hands.  Also, store these items out of direct sunlight to maintain and extend their product lifespan.

Sun and skin safety are critical to our health and wellness.  We use these items before going outside so keeping them in the transitional space will make using them top of mind and easier.  Safety and wellness are always a primary goal of organizing so get spraying…