Fall Organizing: Pick a Calendar

to do list

Full disclosure – fall is my favorite time of year.  Cool mornings and warm days.  Apple picking and harvest festivals.  Football and tailgates.  And of course, sweatah weathah.  And with back-to-school and many activities kicking off, keeping a calendar becomes even more important.  Read on about how to choose the best one for you… Why you…

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How can I serve myself right now?

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How can I use my time at home most effectively? We are in unprecedented times.  Apart from those days following September 11, the United States has never seen such a slowdown of life.  And one of the biggest differences from that event and this one, the COVID-19 outbreak, is that in the wake of 9/11,…

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Do you want more time?

analog clock

Organizing isn’t just physical –“where should my stuff go?” Organizing is really how we spend all of our resources – money, time and emotional energy.  Are you looking for more space and more time in 2020?  Time is a non-renewable resource.  How we spend our time reflects what we value in life.  Do you spend…

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Organizing Your Thanksgiving

harvest table arrangement

Ready to celebrate? When we think about the “holidays”, it’s generally the big ones in December that bring on stress and overwhelm.  But for many of us, the true holiday season starts in November with the gathering of family and friends for Thanksgiving (or Friends-giving).   Being organized can be the difference between enjoying the gathering…

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‘Tis the Season (almost)…

winter wreath

Halloween is already in the rear view mirror.   Which means that Thanksgiving, and then THE holiday season is right around the corner.  Yup.  I said it.  Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and the New Year in rapid succession.  Do the coming holidays fill you with excitement and joy as well as dread and overwhelm?  If you’re like…

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Taking off the “badge of busy”….

prioritizing time

But it’s a good busy… Do you ever run into a friend or acquaintance and when you ask “How are you?  How are things going?”, the response is “busy”.  Or “good busy”.  So, what does this really mean?  In our manic society that always seems time deprived, busy has become the new sign of success. …

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What’s the real value of your time?

by giving something up

What are you spending your time on now? As an organizing coach, I help my clients rewrite the stories of their lives.  We move from frazzled and overwhelmed to living a more calm, intentional life.  To be organized and find more space, more time and more joy, time management is key.  While there are lots…

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Distractions, Distractions…How’s your adult ADD working?

do not disturb sign

Minimizing Distractions What is your biggest distraction?  Is it the phone, email, social media, constant interruptions from others?  Managing and minimizing distractions are key elements of time management and staying organized.  Whether you are trying to focus on a project at work or complete a task at home, constant distractions slow us down significantly.  Are…

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Social Media and the great “time suck”

social media graphic

I’ll just check Facebook//Instagram/Pinterest for a minute… Social media, in all of its manifestations, is a daily part of our lives.  For anyone in marketing, sales or communications, it is a  necessary evil.  For the rest of us, social media can be a fun distraction, a communication tool and definitely a “time suck” which drains…

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You’ve Got Mail….Lots of it!

you've got mail graphic

In this day and age, who doesn’t have an overloaded inbox?  Even when we have a personal email (or two or three) and a work email, it’s easy to get overloaded.  Here are some tips to declutter your inbox. Create Folders so you can file away emails to quickly find them in the future.  Related to…

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