Here’s to finding more space, more time and more joy in your summer!

Summertime and the living is easy.  Well, sometimes anyway…Being organized goes a long way in making your life simpler and less stressed.  In honor of the 7th month of the calendar, here are my top 7 tips to a summer with more space, more time and more joy!


  1. Confirm the details. Hours change for stores, recreational venues and events during the summer months.  Be sure to know the times, costs and other details before you head out.


  1. Clean out the first aid kit. Warmer weather means more time outside and that can mean more cuts, scrapes and other first aid-worthy events.  Be sure your kit is well stocked.


  1. Stock your car like a boss. Vacation and traveling in the car more these days requires planning and organization.  A go-to bag for the car should include sunscreen, bug spray and a travel sized first aid kit.  An extra sunhat or baseball hat are great as well along with a sweatshirt or long sleeve for cool evenings outside.


  1. Buy extras – you’ll need them. While I’m generally not a proponent of over-purchasing, there are some items to always have extra of.  Sunscreen, bug spray, and beach towels top the list.  It’s amazing how these items get used up (or left behind) so often.


  1. Book appointments – medical, dental, grooming, – early in the summer. End of summer gets hectic with kids heading back to college and needing appointments while providers are taking their own vacation time.  Plan and organize for this!


  1. Really work your calendar. Summer has an amazing way of slipping by and then September is looming along with the return to school and a more scheduled life.   Don’t let the summer end without a day of picking blueberries, a group beach day, or an excursion to the Harbor Islands.  Put it on the calendar and make it happen.


  1. Take advantage of the longer day and use that extra time. It’ll be daylight savings before we know it and that’s the time to stay in when it’s dark at 4:30 pm.  For now, take that walk in the evening when it’s cooler and still plenty light out or in the early morning before the heat.  You’ll remember this fondly in December…