Organizing Resolutions for 2024

Did you know that “getting organized” is one of the top 3 resolutions every January 1st?  If your New Year’s resolution is learning how to organize your life, here are some tips to get started.  Whether you’re looking for office organization, home organization, or home office organization, these rules apply.  Welcome to your first steps…

  1. Create an effective filing system.  Organizing isn’t boxes and bins and complicated systems; it’s finding my stuff when I need it. By creating an effective filing system, you’ll be able to easily and quickly find all the important financial documents in your life.  Mortgage statements, bank statements, retirement accounts, recent tax returns, healthcare and insurance documents – these are your Working Documents.  Learn how to best organize these on my blog post.  Also, gather all of your Forever Documents – your marriage license, wills and trusts, divorce decrees, birth certificates, and other critical documents and put them in a safe.  Being able to put your hands on all the important documents in your life will take away a lot of stress and worry.
  2. Purge post-holiday excess.  Before you put anything away, purge what you didn’t use and don’t need.  If you received gifts you’ll never use, sell, or donate them immediately instead of sticking them in a drawer.  Did you receive an upgrade to your phone or other electronics?  Again, sell or donate the original now – the longer you hold onto electronics, the greater the drop in value.  If you have non-working electronics and various, mystery cords, don’t throw these in the trash!  This techno-trash is bad for the environment and landfills.  Instead, mark these items as non-working and donate them to your local Goodwill or Staples to be recycled properly.
  3. Develop a plan to get organized.  Pick your biggest pain point – the area that causes you the most stress.  Kitchen cabinets, mudroom, closet & wardrobe, toys and books – whatever feels as if it impedes your daily functioning and keeps you from moving forward.  Start organizing there as that will feel impactful and will motivate you to keep going.  Not able to move forward on your own?  Then hire a professional organizer to help.  Contact me at or call 617-240-7451.

Many of us want to live a more organized life.   You need a plan and a resolution to get started.  Here’s to your organized life!