What’s Holding YOU Back? Podcast

women finding clarity podcast

This spring, Lisa joined Pascale Cook-Fernandes on the Women Finding Clarity Podcast to talk about all the things – physical, emotional and psychological – that are holding us back from living our best lives.  As a professional organizer, Lisa has worked with clients for over a dozen years to help them find more space, more…

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Is your stuff your FRENEMY??

is your stuff your frenemy?

Hello, Mean Girls and Frenemies. You know who they are.  The negative people and emotional vampires that drain you physically and emotionally.  When you part from a “friend”, do you feel energized, uplifted and positive?  Or do you feel drained and negative?  Yup.  That’s a frenemy.  And frankly, it’s the same with the stuff we…

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Something in, Something out

messy junk drawer

What, exactly, is this? Have you ever opened a drawer, closet or bin and wondered “what the heck is in here?”.  Welcome to the club of too much stuff and lack of organization.  In our homes and offices, we accumulate stuff because as humans, we have an amazing capacity to create use scenarios for things. …

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What is the value of this?

things to sell

What is this thing really worth? For most of us, we have things that we value highly for a number of reasons – purchase price, sentimentality, rarity, etc.   And because we treasure our things, our spaces are full of stuff – some of which we’ve purchased ourselves and some that have been gifted.  I believe…

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The value of letting go…

donation bags

Why let it go? When it comes to managing your space – home or office – less is definitely more.  Most people struggle with how to let it go – and where and how – but the first step is definitely “what really should I let go?”  Most of us accumulate “stuff” over the years…

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