Is your stuff your FRENEMY??

Hello, Mean Girls and Frenemies.

You know who they are.  The negative people and emotional vampires that drain you physically and emotionally.  When you part from a “friend”, do you feel energized, uplifted and positive?  Or do you feel drained and negative?  Yup.  That’s a frenemy.  And frankly, it’s the same with the stuff we surround ourselves with.  Do you feel that your stuff adds value to your life and brings you joy?  Or does it cause you stress and anxiety?  I recommend to my clients that they keep two things in their space – things they use and the things they love.  Everything else should go.  Anything that does not move you forward holds you back and it should go.  Anything you own that does not serve you is a frenemy.

How do I get rid of the negative stuff in my life?

Like shedding negative people in our lives, we need to let go of anything that no longer works for us.  Fortunately, getting rid of unwanted and unneeded things is actually easier than shedding people in our lives.  We have the family we are born into and the family that we create.  And we are responsible for creating a space that we can thrive in.  Often we’re “gifted” things from family and friends and feel obligated to keep them and guilty when we want to get rid of them.  We buy things that we really don’t need and regret buying and that negative energy fills our space.  I take those unwanted, unneeded and unused items and hide them.  I shove them into empty space in my closets, drawers, and cabinets and then extend into the garage, attic, and basement.  How is that serving me and moving me forward in my life?

The writer Robert Holden said, “True wisdom is letting go of what is not valuable in order to be with what is priceless.”  Start today to let go of the negativity in your life – people, possessions and situations – and choose intentionally to move to positivity and joy.