The story of the stuff

why am i keeping this

Why am I holding onto this? This is one of the most frequent questions I hear when I work with clients.  “Why am I stuffing my already overcrowded drawers with my child’s outgrown ballet outfit?”  “Why can’t I let go of Grandma’s china set, although many of the pieces are broken or missing?”  “Why am…

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What’s your relationship with your stuff?

relationship with our stuff

Wait.  Is that a thing? It’s February.  And we can’t escape the talk of Valentine’s Day and the emphasis on relationships in our lives.  For now, let’s focus on your relationship with your stuff.  And yes, that is a thing.  Merriam Webster defines a relationship as “the relation connecting or binding participants; a state of…

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Something in, Something out

messy junk drawer

What, exactly, is this? Have you ever opened a drawer, closet or bin and wondered “what the heck is in here?”.  Welcome to the club of too much stuff and lack of organization.  In our homes and offices, we accumulate stuff because as humans, we have an amazing capacity to create use scenarios for things. …

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Medicine Cabinet Mayhem       

bathroom cabinet do not enter

How did it get this way? Quick, name the one space in your home that is REALLY disorganized and in need of some serious decluttering.  Many clients say basement, playroom or closets and yes, these are often trouble spots in the home.  But one of the most important spaces that often gets overlooked is the…

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A myriad of memorabilia…

tshirt guilt

Why, exactly, am I keeping this?? Do you have a box, bin, or closet full of memorabilia that you just don’t know what to do with?  Congratulations.  You are like most people with “stuff” they just don’t know what to do with.  So what is memorabilia exactly?  Webster’s Dictionary defines memorabilia as “things that are…

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How do I find more space in my home and in my life?

find more space

More space in my space As a professional organizer, I help my clients find more space, more time and more joy in their lives.  And no matter if the home is 1400 or 3400 square foot, many clients believe they need more space for our stuff.  We need more space for the stuff we’ve purchased…

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Do you want more space, more time and more joy?

what is clutter graphic

How do I find space and time in my life? Finding more space and more time are the two most common challenges for many of us. How do I find space in my home and office for the things I really need and love?  How do I open psychic space in my head and quiet…

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What do I do with all this stuff?

help share donate give back graphic

How many screwdrivers do I really need? One of the biggest challenges for many people when they are trying to get organized is “what do I do with all this stuff”?  When we start organizing a space, the volume can be overwhelming.  For most of us, when we can’t find what we are looking for,…

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It’s not about the box or the bin

organized pantry

Start with the stuff, not the box or the bin For most of us, getting organized is a challenge.  As a first step, we go out and try to purchase the “right storage” – the pretty box or plastic bin.  But the reality is that getting organized isn’t about the box or the bin; it’s…

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It’s not about the stuff

messy bedroom

Why can’t I keep my stuff organized? Have you ever wondered why you can’t get or stay organized?  Do you think it’s about all the stuff you have?  Honestly, it’s never about the stuff; it’s about why and how we keep our stuff that bogs us down.  Nothing comes into your space without your permission;…

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