How do I find more space in my home and in my life?

More space in my space

As a professional organizer, I help my clients find more space, more time and more joy in their lives.  And no matter if the home is 1400 or 3400 square foot, many clients believe they need more space for our stuff.  We need more space for the stuff we’ve purchased like the bedroom set we purchased when we got married.  You inherited from your family the china set and the furniture from your childhood bedroom – where does it live?  Where do I store the crystal wedding gift that still sits in the original box?  So how do I find more space in my space?  To find more space, you have to first let go of what you don’t need or love.   If you need and love your bedroom set, keep it.  If you no longer need the bunkbeds from your childhood, donate them if they are safe to use.  Never used that crystal and you don’t live a “champagne life”?  Sell it and find more space.

More space in my life

Keep in your space the things that you need and the things that you love.  Anything we own comes with a cost.  I purchase, maintain, repair and store my things.  Even items that have been passed onto us or have been received as a gift have a cost in maintenance and storage.  If I own an abundance of items, they are a burden if the items are unneeded and unused.  The famous quote from the movie Fight Club (one of my sons’ favorite movies) is “The stuff you own ends up owning you.”   Eliminating the items and their upkeep and repairs gains you time and money – limited and valuable commodities.  If I did not have to spend time repairing my stuff, could I spend more time with family and friends and doing the things I love?  Instead of buying stuff, I can use my money for travel and adventure.

Eliminate items that are unused and unneeded. You open up both the physical and the psychic space – thereby gaining more space in your home and in your life.