Did you make a mess of your mudroom?

Why do I need an organizational system for this space?

Transitional space is one of my clients’ greatest challenges to keep organized.  Largely this is because it’s present in every home or office and it gets so much “traffic” every day.   And because this space is so convenient, it can become a dumping ground as we enter and exit so it’s critical to develop an organizational system for the space.   Some of the strangest thing I’ve ever encountered in a transitional space?  A dog crate for a dog that hasn’t been in the home for over 3 years.  Ditto for the turtle food for Snapper who went to the “great pond in the sky” many years ago.  Aside from rehousing the flip flops in January and the winter boots in July, there are systems and processes to keep the transitional space organized.

What do I have to do to maintain the organizational system?

Take an opportunity to make a quick run through your transitional space.  What immediately jumps out as not belonging?  Immediately purge, remove and rehouse this item in the appropriate space.   The only items that should be housed in your transitional space are those you need to “grab and go”, not become permanent fixtures in the space.   Are there items that need to leave the house?  Bring them right out to the car.  What’s in those mysterious bags dumped on the floor?  Move them into the house or office and put the contents AWAY, NOT DOWN immediately.   Is there dry cleaning hanging in this space?  Walk it right to the closet and finish the project.

The best way to keep transitional space organized is by being diligent about maintaining the organizational system.  On a weekly basis, do a critical walk through and clear out the clutter to maintain your organized transitional space.