Back to School 2020 – Effective Systems Maximize Learning Time

I control what I can.

In the midst of pretty much EVERYTHING being “unprecedented” these days, this year’s back to school has got to be right up there.  While the closing of schools in the spring and going virtual and online was jarring, at least we felt that the year was winding down.  Now, we’re in the real Wild Wild West of attempting to create a whole, new model for the coming school year.  In the face of this situation, what can we do to get ready for back to school?  For starters, we can help students create systems to support and bolster their success and maximize their learning time.  One simple and very effective system is to create a designated learning space.  In the spring, with Work From Home #WFH and Learn From Home #LFH, most families pulled something together quickly to create a “home classroom”.  How can you improve and build on that system moving forward?

How do I create my most effective learning system?

Visit a local consignment shop or donation center like Savers to find a small desk or use a vanity table to create a learning space.  Even a piece of plywood on milk crates makes a useable desk.  Whatever option you choose, put your new desk into a quiet space, ideally away from other distractions like electronics. Whether the model is virtual, in person, or a hybrid, students still need structure, a place to work, and supplies.  Before school starts, make sure you have the right “supplies” to support your student.  Is the device ready to go with a charger?  Do you need more electrical cords and a better chair?  Hunt and gather traditional school supplies to stay organized and be ready to learn.  Do you have enough bandwidth on your WIFI to support remote learning?  These are all effective systems you can create to make learning easier and more time-effective.

Organized systems are important; there’s no doubt about that.  And so is communication.  Children are very good at picking up on our anxieties so be authentic and model calm and the ability to pivot.  This, too, shall pass…