Organizing for Back to School 2023

back to school

Yes, it’s almost August, and back to school is looming.  Getting kids ready and set up for success takes some planning. Children are influenced by the state of their physical space just as much as adults. If clutter and disorganization in your home have you feeling frazzled and stressed, it’s highly likely that your children…

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No two snowflakes are alike….

winter snow flakes

Why your organized home isn’t like anyone else’s… As no two snowflakes are alike, no two organized homes are the same.   When working with clients, I’m often asked to replicate a system or solution modeled in someone else’s home or in a magazine or often, Pinterest.  But like all unique snowflakes, every organizing challenge and…

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What’s working?

glass jar pantry organization

What works for you? Everyone has that space in their home or office that is an organizing challenge, including organizers!  Does your mudroom/transitional space get messy and cluttered quickly and repeatedly?  It’s often a struggle to keep basements organized.  That large open space often becomes a dumping ground for items we don’t quite know what…

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Can you organize me?

woman with mess of clothes

Why organizing needs to be intuitive… When people learn what I do, I invariably get the question “can you organize me?”  My answer is always yes, but you won’t stay organized.  Why is that?  Organizing isn’t about boxes and bins; it’s not about fancy organizing products or systems.  Organizing is about finding your stuff when…

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Legos, legos, everywhere….

organized legos

Why do Legos need a system? Whenever I give a talk or presentation, one of the most common questions is “How do I organize all the Legos?”   Because of the sheer volume of Legos, there needs to be an organizational system for both storage and display.  The good news is that there are lots of…

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Your launching/landing pad is your friend….

organized mud room

Why do I need storage in transitional space? Entering and exiting the home easily and with less stress is a goal for everyone.  It’s important set up an effective transitional space – the “launching/landing pad” – with the right storage.  Must haves for this space include a coat rack with multiple hooks for hanging items…

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