Donating is great. Here’s how to do it thoughtfully and intentionally.

What do I have to donate?

If we’re lucky, we’ve all been stuck in our homes for the past few weeks and months. And yes, I said, “lucky”. Because there are millions who are living with housing insecurity and homelessness during this global pandemic.  If you’re at home, you’ve likely done some organizing – Google searches for decluttering and organizing have jumped tenfold since mid-March. And now that you’ve realized that you just don’t need all of this stuff, what do you do with it? Donation centers have been closed since March and there is no timeframe right now on their reopening. Local donation boxes are overflowing because the demand is so high. Facebook yard sales and Craig’s List, generally a good means of moving on your unwanted and unused items, have slowed as people are leery of contracting or passing on the virus through not just human contact, but also through objects.  So, what’s the next best step? How do you make your donation most effective and impactful?

Make a plan. And be patient.

While it’s simple to dump all your unneeded and unused items at a donation center, there are other options available too. Did you know that Lion’s Club International collects prescription eyeglasses and distributes them? You can donate that special occasion dress so a teen can attend prom. Those previously loved and still in good condition stuffed animals get a new life and new love for children in emergency situations. On my website, you’ll find a comprehensive list of WHERE TO DONATE ANYTHING. Some are local to Boston so search for the same in your local area. If purging your wardrobe has been a priority, separate out anything that’s not in wearable condition, i.e. stained, ripped, worn out, etc.  Don’t throw these items in the trash which adds to the landfill problem. Instead, put them in a separate bag and note it as these items can be made into rags.

The stay-at-home order has required a lot of patience over the past few weeks and maybe some gratitude as well. “Home is the definition of God.” Emily Dickinson