How your to-do list saves time

What’s the value of a list?

Long before starting my organizing business, I lived and breathed my to-do list.  In the middle of the controlled chaos that is my life, this is that little bit of sanity that keeps me grounded and feeling at least slightly accomplished.  So what is the value of a list for you?  A to-do list allows us to get all that stuff that is swirling around in our heads out of there.  This saves incredible amounts of time in creating some semblance of order and organization.  Most of us are challenged every day by multiple responsibilities – home, work, community, kids – and keeping track of all the things we have to do is challenging.  Putting it down on paper – either writing it or using an electronic process – makes those tasks more concrete so that we can make time to get it done.

How do I best use a to-do list?

Paper or electronic list?   Some clients choose an electronic to-do list on a phone or computer because it’s portable and always available wherever they are.  However, for most of us, it takes more time to open the app or program, type the task and then save and close the app/program than it would to jot down a task on a written list.  Also, you have to repeat the process to delete a task from the list.  For a written to-do list, all you need is a note pad and a pen.  In my office, I use a yellow legal pad for a daily to-do list for work tasks.  This allows me flexibility to move tasks to different days as needed.  I also keep a to-do list in the kitchen for tasks that I think of when I am in that space.

You save time, money and effort when you have a to-do list. Choose the process that works best for you.  No one can remember all the tasks we need to complete – write it down and get it done!