Moving safely in the time of COVID

Trust; and verify.

Words to live by. And even more so now during the time of COVID. If you’re organizing your move, it’s important to double-check, and even triple check, all of the details. Because many companies’ hours have been reduced and employees are working in a remote environment, it will take longer than normal to get confirmation on shipping details, pick up times, hours of operation, etc. If you are depending on the drop off of a POD or the arrival and assistance of movers to keep your move organized, be sure you have confirmation of the details. If you’re a month out, it’s time to start packing. Start with infrequently used or seasonal items. You likely won’t be needing the waffle iron or Halloween decorations in August so start with those items. Label the boxes clearly and if you’re creating an inventory, number the box and add it to your list. Move methodically through each room and try to keep all like items together so you don’t end up with toys and books in with the kitchen dishes. This will make unpacking and getting organized on the other end much more difficult.

Notify all important parties.

Again, during COVID, customer service is going to be slower so plan accordingly. Do a change of address with the Post Office (this can be done online) so you won’t be waiting for mail on the other end. Notify important parties including your employer so they have your updated information. Even if you’ve gone largely paperless, you’ll still have to update your records including banks, brokerage, credit cards, insurance, etc but this can be a post-move task. However, if you still receive a lot of paper statements, you don’t want the new occupant receiving your important, confidential documents after you’ve moved so start that process now.

“The devil is in the details” as the saying goes so be sure to pay attention to them. Don’t slack off on safety precautions and be sure to ask the moving company, if you’re using one, what their safety and wellness procedures are. Be ready. Be safe.

Next week’s blog will focus on packing tips and hints to make sure your items arrive safe and sound in your new home…