Organizing during the quarantine…

The closets are done.  Now what?

Congratulations.   Organizing closets, the junk drawer and even possibly starting on the “nether regions” like the basement, attic and garage, are all great projects.  Getting organized is a great way to feel in control and productive.   But organizing isn’t about boxes or bins; it’s not complicated filing systems or complex procedures.  Really, it’s finding my stuff when I need it so I can go do the other things I need and want to do.   And getting organized isn’t just about the physical clutter; it’s the “paper” that fills our lives.  So, getting a handle on and knowing how best to manage this is a great next project.

Start here.

  • Create a home inventory. Go room by room and add in all the furniture, electronics, even the décor, right down to the paint color.  Decide how detailed (or not) you want to be.  You can use a spreadsheet, a notebook, or an online version like (my personal choice).   Take photos of items with any significant value and create a photo library.   Be sure to include maintenance records of when the boiler was last serviced, or the septic pumped.  If you have them, add the bills or receipts.  Again, an online version will allow you to add photos and upload documents so definitely take a look at this option.
  • Review your critical, forever documents, and see what needs updating. NO ONE likes to think about this stuff, especially now, and yet this is a really impactful and positive organizing project.  What better time to be sure your will is up to date and you have the necessary insurance coverage?   Reach out to me if you need a referral for an estate, insurance or finance professional to get started.
  • Organize your files and paperwork. Read more here about creating a filing system that works.
  • Curate your warranties and manuals.   Keep what’s important and current and recycle the rest.


No, this it’s necessarily fun (except to me!) but it’s important to do nonetheless.   Focusing on these important areas will have a huge, positive impact, both right now and in the coming months and years. Be well!