Photo Memorabilia Management 101

Okay, I put the photos together – now what?

What is your goal for your photo memorabilia? Will you make traditional albums?  Are you adding important photos to frames around your space?  Do you want to create digital photo books?  For photo memorabilia management, set a goal for your project.  Read the blog post on gathering your print photos into one spot and sorting them into workable categories.  The next best step is to digitize your photos before you paste them into traditional albums or add them to frames.  Once a photo is digitized, it can be used, reused, and shared easily.  Do you need to digitize a substantial number of photos?  Then use an online digitizing company.    There are many, many options for online photo scanning companies including Scandigital, Fotobridge, and DigitalPickle.  Reluctant to ship your photos? Then search for a local company.  Once you have your original print photos back along with a digital file copy, you’re ready to move on.

How can I use my print and digitized photos?

Is creating traditional print photo albums your goal?  Again, there are lots of quality options available – just be sure to use lignin-free and acid-free paper and supplies.  Creative Memories is a leader in this market and sells excellent products.  Use those original prints in photo frames and collages.  Display your memories!  Put photos of special people and occasions out to be enjoyed today.  Instead, are you looking for a less labor-intensive project than a traditional photo album with print photos?  Quickly create digital books with your digital photo files.  Again, there are many companies that create this product. I’ve had success with Snapfish and Shutterfly and if you are a MAC user, Apple has software to create a digital photo book as well.  All of these options allow you to enjoy your photos today.  So take the time to share these photos with others through social media and photo sharing sights and double their impact.

Take the time to digitize your photo prints.  While great, print photo uses are limited.  Once an image is digitized, use it repeatedly.   Share and enjoy your memories today.