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ask for help

A little help to organize your space and time to be most productive… By now, many of us are settled into the “new normal”, THE AFTER that we really weren’t prepared for.  Many employees are now #workingfromhome, social distancing, possibly caring for and schooling children and trying to stay mentally well and positive.  That’s a…

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What’s the real value of your time?

by giving something up

What are you spending your time on now? As an organizing coach, I help my clients rewrite the stories of their lives.  We move from frazzled and overwhelmed to living a more calm, intentional life.  To be organized and find more space, more time and more joy, time management is key.  While there are lots…

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Write it down

to do list

Why you need to write it down Have you ever tried to get through a busy day and remember all the tasks and projects you need to complete?  For most of us, the answer is a resounding “yes”.  So how successful were you in getting everything done in a timely and efficient manner? Sadly, most…

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